Millionaire Marketing Workbook


Your 6 figure sales strategy is just a click away. I created this interactive workbook for the biz owner looking to stop the DIY and develop a real strategy.

This workbook is plug and play. I recommend printing it out to write on - but you can fill it out and and utilize it online OR copy it on paper for extra room.

What's included?

  • Core Concept Worksheet

  • Core Questions Worksheet

  • Brand Strategy Worksheet

  • Ideal Client Worksheet

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Marketing Funnel

  • A.I.D.A Model

  • Marketing Checklist

  • Go to Market

  • Marketing Channels

  • Marketing Tactics

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Web & Blog Goals

  • Content Ideas

  • Buyer’s Journey

  • Keyword Research

  • The Keyword Tree

  • Competitor Keywords

  • Content Planner

  • Monthly Content

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Campaign

  • Social Media Strategy